If you had the opportunity to go back in time and kill Hitler, would you do it? It’s too late to put one of the greatest mass murderers of all time out of his misery, but in the here and now there is no dearth of monsters cut from the same ilk. People who revel in causing pain and destruction on a comparable scale, not in the name of ethnic cleansing but in the name of industry and capitalism. And our society not only sits idly by like the Germans of the early 20th century in the face of mounting atrocities, they actually reward the moguls for their rampant amorality. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… the inalienable human rights granted to each American citizen in our Declaration of Independence. But what of those whose quality of life is born at the expense of others, who lie, cheat, steal and murder their way to the top of the corporate ladder and leave nothing but scorched earth in their wake? The founding fathers advised Americans to cast off any government that would deprive its citizenship of life and liberty… shouldn’t individuals be held just as accountable? And when our nation’s laws are not up to the task to punish these poxes on the world of man, does it not fall to us as proud citizens to cut out the infection at its source? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions posed above, I urge you to stay tuned. Fury of Solace is here to prove that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Fury of Solace is the scalpel that will extract the festering tumors that consume our society from within and without. Fury of Solace… sometimes talks in the third person. In a world as messed up as ours, who’s to say a villain isn’t just a post-modern hero?

Fury of Solace
Doing evil so you don’t have to
Somewhere in Los Angeles

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  1. >I think that you're absolutely right: we've progressed beyond the era of the anti-hero and the bleeding edge of culture has turned to the exploits of villains for entertainment and inspiration.The world is hungry for the fantasies that only the cheekily evil can provide.I look forward to hearing about your future exploits.

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