Up in Smoke

I’m going to keep this entry brief.  Yes, I am responsible for last night’s bombing of the Konig Inc. warehouse in downtown L.A.  And yes, this is the same warehouse where Uroboros staged his now-infamous Mason International protest.  I blew the building straight to hell because, as much as I disagreed with his methods, I believe that Uroboros was right about the illegal experiments that were going on inside, and about their connection to Mason International.  I know I said after the Mason Tower fiasco that I would re-evaluate my use of explosives due to the high probably of collateral damage, but this was a calculated risk.  I’m hoping that after Uroboros managed to hack into the Mason International mainframe, Damian Durand was cautious enough to delete any electronic evidence of their illegal experiments, meaning the only extant notes on said experiments were the hard copies at the lab site that I obliterated last night.  And since Uroboros eliminated Dr. Marcus Alrand, the head researcher on the project, fingers crossed whatever human-augmentation procedures Alrand devised went to the grave with him.  And I guarantee you no innocents were harmed in the making of this carnage, I made sure the building was completely devoid of human life before I instigated my little unscheduled demolition.  As you were.

Fury of Solace
Doing evil so you don’t have to
Somewhere in Los Angeles


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